European and International Programs

ESF Eurocores

The EUROCORES (European Collaborative Research) Scheme is a unique framework offered by the European Science Foundation (ESF) to promote collaborative research, networking and dissemination while targeting broad and complex topics of research across all scientific domains at the European level and in a global context.


The European Research Council (ERC) is the first European funding body set up to support investigator-driven frontier research. Its main aim is to stimulate scientific excellence by supporting and encouraging the very best, truly creative scientists, scholars and engineers to be adventurous and take risks in their research. The scientists are encouraged to go beyond established frontiers of knowledge and the boundaries of disciplines.The ERC complements other funding activities in Europe such as those of the national research funding agencies, and is a flagship component of the 'Ideas Programme' of the European Union's Seventh Research Framework Programme (FP7).

Marie Curie Initiative

Embarking on a research career is not always easy. And yet today's young researchers are vital to Europe's future. At Marie Curie Actions, we are well aware of that. So we want to make research careers more attractive to young people. Our Initial Training Networks (ITN) offer early-stage researchers the opportunity to improve their research skills, join established research teams and enhance their career prospects.


Recognition that scientific questions about the ocean often require an interdisciplinary approach led the International Council for Science (ICSU) to form the Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR) in 1957. SCOR was the first interdisciplinary body formed by ICSU.

SCOR activities focus on promoting international cooperation in planning and conducting oceanographic research, and solving methodological and conceptual problems that hinder research. Scientists from thirty-five nations participate in SCOR working groups and steering committees.


IMBER is a new IGBP-SCOR project focussing on ocean biogeochemical cycles and ecosystems. The IMBER vision is to provide a comprehensive understanding of, and accurate predictive capacity for, ocean responses to accelerating global change and the consequent effects on the Earth System and human society.